Sunday, March 7, 2010

Getting Ready for the tour

It's Sunday morning. My wife and I climbed at Shelf Road yesterday in beautiful weather. Got a little bit of sun on our pale faces, I saw a bunch of friends out there and had a great time. I can't wait for spring. It's now back to reality. My tour is all scheduled and last week I bought a 95 Subaru Legacy to drive for the tour. I didn't own a car for the last 6 months so I figured this was as good as time as any to purchase one.
I got a "good deal" on this car...or I thought anyway until I drove it home and started finding multiple things wrong with it. No car stereo, suspension is shot, leaks antifreeze, small oil leak, heater doesn't totally work, outside looks like I hit a deer then went into a ditch, inside smells like I've been smoking like a SOB. But for the price I figured it would work for the tour and it's all good. I took it in on Friday to get the oil and the other fluids changed. I was all excited to pick this car up when the mechanic looked at me and asked, "How long have you owned this car." I said, "One week." He then proceeded to ask, "Do you want to know the things that are wrong with this car?" I thought about it for a second and said, "Yes, give it to me Doc."
He looks at his long list he created and says, "First of all you have a blown head gasket, but that's minor compared to the accident that this car was in and what the previous owners did to get it "running" again. You see, they welded a different car to the front of this car. There are two different colors, but that's not the biggest problem. The problem is when they made the cut they didn't cut it straight so it's got a slight curve to it so when they decided to weld the two pieces together it doesn't quite match and they weren't able to get a "good weld" on there". "Is that all" I asked. "No, after repairing the antifreeze leak we noticed there was no thermostat so we replaced the thermostat and now it overheats within minutes of driving". "So, would you recommend me driving this 5000 miles next week", I asked. He looks at me and says, "You'll be lucky to get this home depending on where you live".
Stoked!!! Not sure what to do. As my temporary fix I have rented a car for the tour which is what I should have done to begin with. I think my wife is going to take the car to the demolition Derby and see if she can take a few laps and try and earn a little bit of our money back from it. My friend Trask mentioned I should take it to "Dragon Mans", which is a shooting range out east of Colorado Springs where you can rent fully automatic 50 caliber machine guns and go to town on targets. My "Subaru" being the target.
But no worries everyone. I just received my box of goodies from Arcteryx as door prizes for the show. I'm driving to Salt Lake first thing Wed morning in a fresh new rental car, the weather looks great for the drive so there shouldn't be any delays.
The Salt Lake show is at Brewvies Cinema at 7:30pm. From there I drive straight to Ashland, Oregon where we will premiere the film at Southern Oregon University.
Click here to see the whole tour calendar. I want to personally thank Arcteryx, The American Alpine Club and the Access Fund for helping support my tour.
Hope to see you out there.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Continuum Project going on Tour

We are organizing a small tour to the Northwest for "The Continuum Project" climbing film. See below for our schedule. Please check our website for the most recent schedule as we are adding new locations by the day. Are you interested in hosting an event in your town? Please contact us.

Spring Tour Schedule

Salt Lake City, UT March 10, 2010
Ashland, OR March 11, 2010
Eugene, OR March 12, 2010
Portland, OR March 14, 2010
Bend, OR March 15, 2010
Leavenworth, WA March 16, 2010
Bellingham, WA March 18, 2010
Seattle, WA March 19, 2010
North Bend, WA March 21, 2010
Tacoma, WA March 23, 2010

Check out the details for our tour