Monday, March 28, 2011

The filming continues on The Eiger Nordwand

We had a fun day Friday. Loranze fixed ropes for Josh and myself as we all descended down from the West Face to recover the pack Jeff Lowe left twenty years ago. The pack was almost completely buried. Josh spent over two hours digging the pack out. It was way more work than we expected and the pack was much heavier than imagined. Originally we thought Josh would put the pack on and climb out. Upon digging the pack we realized that wouldn't happen. The pack weighed over 80 pounds. His sleeping bag must have filled with water and ice and the entire 80 litre pack was a giant ice cube. Needless to say we had to haul the pack 200 metres up the face. That alone was adventure enough for me.

But No...The scene we had to capture was Josh lifting the 80 pound pack into the helicopter. Jeff left his pack below on route because a storm was rolling in and he had to get off the mountain by helicopter before the storm fully arrived. I'm not sure if we captured the exact scene of Jeff stepping onto the heli because as you can see in the video below it was pretty sketchy. After filming this adventure I thought to myself, "Shit....I have to get on the heli the same way" We all made it safely and had the weekend off for sport climbing in Lehn. Gotta love Switzerland!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Swiss Alps

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